Estonia's first handmade popsicle

Jäämari handmade popsicles are made from pure raw materials, fresh fruits and berries. Our ice creams do not contain any additives or preservatives.

In the assortment of Jäämari ice creams, you can find ice creams that are either lactose-free or whole plant based, they can also be eaten by ice cream lovers who are lactose intolerant or whose lifestyle is vegan.

Easy-to-make smoothie

We have blended ripe fruits and berries into a smoothie for you and frozen them into small portions. Each smoothie pack also contains superfoods that help your body function more fully. When making a smoothie, all you have to do is add the liquid you like to the cubes and a healthy snack in your daily menu is ready!

Enjoy pure flavors!

Jäämari goal is to offer clean and fresh flavors. Our ice creams have a simple composition - lots of berries and fruits, high-quality cocoa or pistachio paste, added plant based milk and sweetened with agave syrup or sugar. That's enough to create a pure handmade popsicle!

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