Jäämari OÜ

Jäämari OÜ is a family business that produces hand-crafted popsicles in the small town of Kohila.

The company was founded in 2014, and the whole enterprise started with the love of the oldest child in the family for ice cream. At that time, the family's daughter Teele was 7 years old, when after coming home from school, she started making ice cream herself again in the home ice cream parlors, and the mother of the family, Kaili, suggested searching for interesting recipes on the Internet.


Dive into the icy world of ice cream

An interesting video was found through the YouTube channel, in which a US ice cream manufacturer introduced its craft ice cream business and the equipment they work with. This kind of ice cream production seemed very exciting and there was a complete lack of a similar product on the Estonian market. Without thinking for a long time, the company was registered, a business plan was written for EAS start-up support, an ice cream stick machine was ordered from far away in Brazil and we dived into the icy world of ice cream!

Today, Jäämari has grown into one of the leading craft ice cream brands on the Estonian market. In the summer season, Jäämari can also be found in small quantities in Finland.

Healthy Choice

Jäämari popsicles are healthy popsicles made from real berries and fruits. No preservatives or other artificial additives are used in the preparation of the ice cream.

Jäämari ice cream sticks are dairy-free, which means that people who are lactose intolerant or have a vegan lifestyle can eat these ice creams.


We think outside the box

In addition to popsicles, the Jäämari assortment also includes smoothie cubes. The ingredients of the smoothie have been blended beforehand and frozen in the form of cubes. All the customer has to do is pour the smoothie cubes into a cup, add the desired liquid, shake the mixture and the refreshing smoothie is ready. A healthy snack is prepared with very little effort!


With the support of the LEADER measure "Strengthening the competitiveness of business (15.10.2020 – 15.11.2020)", Jäämari OÜ has implemented the project "New equipment" in 2020-2022. The aim of the project is to increase production capacity.

With the support of the LEADER measure "Strengthening the competitiveness of business (01.12.2022 – 15.12.2022)", Jäämari OÜ has acquired furnishings and equipment for furnishing a new production space and classroom, as well as tools to make the production process more efficient.


With the support of the PRIA measure "Investment support for the processing and marketing of agricultural products for micro and small enterprises", Jäämari OÜ has built the first floor of a new production building in 2022 (subsidy amount 139,587.04 euros). The purpose of the project is to increase the company's production volumes and create more efficient working conditions.


Support for the involvement of a PATEE expert for a company operating in Raplamaa. Jäämari OÜ website and e-store development.